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We are expert in Commercial Services

We service all types of commercial ceilings such as metal ceilings, vinyl ceilings, acoustical ceilings, and painted ceilings for commercial businesses in and around San Francisco in the Bay Area. Our restorative ceiling cleaning process will return its surface to a like-new condition.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

Commercial ceilings such as vinyl, acoustical and metal ceilings that are in warehouses and cooking areas build up a lot of soil. These soils are made up of different types of grease that cause the ceilings to discolor. Often times we will see ceilings appear darker or yellow out in areas where there is cooking or some form of combustion occurring.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Ceilings and Other Overhead Components.

More so, the times painting or replacing these ceiling surfaces are more costly then simply cleaning them. With the proper maintenance program, Max Cleaning Service can Save you Time, Money and Headaches.